Westcott Displays

About Westcott Displays

Westcott Displays is one of the country’s largest manufacturers and designers of point of purchase displays.

Our sales staff is experienced, dedicated and will work for you to design and produce the best program possible. We will sit down with our customers at the begging of a project to design programs that economize sheet sizes and stock recommendations.


The United States was a growing and changing nation in 1920. It was a time when many innovators and leaders revolutionized our way of life. William Potts developed and made the world’s first 4-way three-color traffic light. The 19th amendment was ratified giving women the right to vote and Woodrow Wilson was completing his presidency.

1920 was also when Fred Westcott and Allan Campbell took traditional printing methods to a new level by adding die cutting and finishing services. By doing so they could produce and transform standard printing materials into extraordinary and distinctive pieces that made people notice. It eventually attracted the attention of the US government who enlisted Westcott Paper Products to Die Cut Armed Forces and Red Cross decals during World War 2. After the war, they focused on the expanding point of purchase display industry and purchased the only full sized 50 inch by 80 inch mounting and die cutting equipment in Michigan.

This same spirit of innovation and nationally recognized excellence is present 9 decades later at Westcott Displays. Still family owned and operated, Westcott Displays is one of the Midwest’s largest manufacturer and designer of point of purchase displays.

Displays that standout, generate attention and make people take notice.

Westcott prides itself on building the impossible. If you can design it, our experienced and dedicated staff of professionals can produce it. Our production process is very systematic and simple for our large client base.